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News and Notes for September 21 2007

3COM, a rival of Cisco, is intimating they plan to become a player in the SMB VoIP space. This is becoming the number one market that everyone is going after. It is going to come down to a few things in my view. Quality of product. Professionalism of the install team and ability to deliver a reliable call experience on and off campus.

In-Stat says there are 55 million VoIP users world wide and experts expect that number to really grow.

Web Worker Daily has an excellent round up of IM clients and more to help you stay close and work closer.

A report out of Australia says that the island continent needs "open networks" for the new economy to grow. Obviously this has a big impact on VoIP and Video communications, as well as collaboration apps.

Information Week calls the new RIM Blackberry 8820 as the iPhone for the Enterprise market. It brings VoIP and WiFi to the mobile phone platform that so many business users are already embracing.

Ooma was covered by the Associated Press, but the only new news from them was that at CES they plan on offering more features around the time of CES.

Markus Gobel writes about Vyke, the Norwegian mobile VoIP company, being ready to acquire a USA Voice Service Provider's network. No word on who it is.

Wired says that Intel is looking at 2008 as the year that WiMax takes off here in the USA.

Ted Wallingford says the Google phone is coming soon.

Ken Camp comments on the number of patents that 8x8 has, including a new one on speech processing. My comment is 8x8s patents are worth more than their Packet8 service at some point in the future.


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