News and Notes for September 13 2007
iPhone Coming to UK Next Week? Launched

The folks at SipPhone tipped me off to the new When I have some time I'll try it out.

Here's the release.


Gizmo for Mobile, available at, does AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Cuts Text Charges And Saves Up to 90% On Calling

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - September 14, 2007 - SIPphone, Inc., makers of Gizmo Project VoIP & IM software, announce the release of Gizmo for Mobile. Gizmo for Mobile is free software that runs on mobile phones which will allow anyone to instant message with any Gizmo Project, AIM, MSN, Yahoo or Gtalk user, use VoIP to place low cost international calls and transfer files to any other Gizmo for Mobile or Gizmo Project user. With the release of Gizmo for Mobile, SIPphone becomes the first company to offer a PC and mobile phone solution with software for all major phone and PC operating systems. For the first time, instant messaging, voice communication and contact management through the same service can be accessed from a user's computer via Gizmo Project or mobile phone via Gizmo for Mobile. The cost savings of the Gizmo Project service, previously only available on a user's computer, is now also available on their mobile phone.

Gizmo for Mobile saves up to 90% on calling costs and can completely eliminate text messaging and multimedia messaging fees:

- Save on International Calls: Instead of direct dialing an international number, Gizmo for Mobile places two low cost calls, one to the caller and one to the callee, and the charges are typically billed at drastically reduced rates to traditional mobile phone carrier long distance. Because both calls are inbound, no international long distance cost is charged by the mobile carrier. Instead they are billed at Gizmo's Call Out rates (, which are up to 90% lower.

- Text Messaging: Instant messaging replaces the need for text messaging. Other Gizmo for Mobile users can send and receive instant messages from their mobile phones for free without incurring carrier SMS fees.

- Multimedia Messaging: File transfer technology built into the software allow for pictures, audio, video or any type of file to be sent to any other Gizmo for Mobile user or personal computer user for free.

Gizmo Project desktop software and Gizmo for Mobile software give a user access to their contacts whether on their computer or on their mobile phone. Both products run on the same VoIP and instant messaging network, which allows users to communicate with their contacts whether they are at their computer or on their mobile phone. Over 3 million existing Gizmo users can access their Gizmo buddy list, along with buddies from all other networks, simply by logging into Gizmo for Mobile. No need to create a new profile or copy contacts or phone numbers; everything is loaded up on first login.

Gizmo for Mobile is compatible with more than 200 models of mobile phones from Nokia, Blackberry, Palm Treo, Samsung and Motorola and others. Gizmo for Mobile is available now at and can be installed directly onto mobile phones without a PC.


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