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VoIP News and Notes for Friday August 31 2007

I'm going to start a short one or two line post as needed when I see news stories that need to be read, but don't need a lot of commentary or which may be commented on later.

Here's todays as of 745 AM EDT!

Verizon Pushing Wholesale- this clearly puts more pressure on XO, Global Crossing and Level3. Now along with AT&T the wholesale game for voice minutes has to be heating up.

Jaxtr raises ten million--VCs see money in minutes still, but also in social networks. Jaxtr claims to do both. This means they need to keep an eye out for Mig33 and a few others. In Jaxtrs case they raised money from two very sharp VC's who already made money in the same space with other companies.

Keep an eye on cBeyond. The company is opening up offices all over Southern California. There brand of managed VoIP puts them at odds with Fonality and CallTower. They're a company to watch as they offer a full suite of services and have a very aggressive sales team.

Cisco isn't the only game in town when it comes to Telepresence. HP and Tandberg are going after the same pricey and highly lucrative market. At the same time SightSpeed is coming out with a business grade offering that provides everyday business with the ability to have high quality face time with existing networks and equipment.

Virgin Mobile in Australia which offers real 3G had a four hour outage in the middle of the night. It seems customers got irate. To me an outage under a half hour is manageable. Four hours leads to being concerned if it happens again.

Unstrung comments on the issues with Muni WiFi and runs a lot of spin job quotes about mesh networking from Tropos and Cisco, two companies now looking for new places to peddle their wares. If Cisco was so behind mesh why do they still sell other 802.11 solutions that out perform it in the Enterprise environment?

Dan York highlights the RebTel Facebook app. Big whoop. All the RebTel app is one more layer on top of a complicated way to make a cheap call yawn...I'm more excited about Pat from Roam4Free's list of FaceBook apps PSST..Alec Saunders tells me that the iotum team have something that will really be relevant for the Facebook crowd....Check his blog out next week....Obviously Alec knows that announcing after Labor Day is a smarter idea. I mean, the bulk of Facebook is still in college, and that starts next week. This week those at college are looking for a new face and hook up. Not an app that makes it hard to hook up. I think Alec has that figured out too.


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Dan York

Andy, I love your reaction! "Big whoop." :-) As I stated in my post, I don't really see the "Reb Me" app as a "VoIP app". I'm still looking for that app... and I'll be watching to see what Alec & team come up with next week!


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