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Telco 2.0 Weekly Round Up

I love to catch up with news and notes and last Monday's Telco 2.0 round up is full of things to talk about.

Their observation about T-Mobile is right on here in the USA when it comes to data usage. I have always felt that even without the magic spectrum to deploy 3G here in the United States that at their very core TMO got IP better than all the other USA carriers (Verizon want to contain you, Sprint has the most potential but never achieved it and AT&T as Cingular neuters it and still is even with the iPhone.)

That said, now with more of the "AT&T" folks with expertise from the labs back in the swing of things my feeling is that will change fast.

Speaking of fast Telco 2.0 mentions new HSUPA and the very fast data card AT&T will be rolling out later this year. I'm awaiting the arrival of my Flybook V5 which has HSDPA in it, to give me more on the fly mobility and Internet access.


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