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Something Other Than Voice 2.0--> Office 2.0

Why is it that I'm not amazed that Yahoo isn't planning to be at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco to continue the Voice 2.0 Story that Brad Garlinghouse talked about at VON in eTel Jeff Bonforte (now a Yahoo VP and head of Social Media) went into the idea of Telco/VoIP 3.0. No Jeff.

Has Yahoo abandoned voice the way AOL basically has. Letting it wither on the the vine? Speaking of withering on the vine, birdies are chirping in my ears and the KenRadio Crystal Ball have both been giving me signs of impending changes at Earthlink when it comes to VoIP and WiFi. The Crystal Ball has never been so blood red and birds all seem to be flying south and its not even winter yet. Word is the, like the David Bowie song, "changes" are in the air.

But doesn't Office 2.0 need Voice 2.0? Come on guys. If its good enough for WebEx and Google isn't it good enough for what is rapidly becoming the me too and me also crowd who all walked the walk and talked the talk about being different? Clearly Google and Cisco get the be different angle, but those that made it happen, now seem to all be playing the same tune.

I'm expecting different at Office 2.0....


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Oooh, that's putting it up to people.....

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