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VoIP News and Notes for Friday August 31 2007

San Diego Airport WiFi Slows Down

San Diego Airport used to charge for WiFi via a third party provider. When they had an option to make a change they chose to go "free."

Tonight at gate 33 waiting for my US Air flight I saw what free gets me. 82K download.

That is pathetic. I spoke earlier in the week to the IT Director for the San Diego Regional Airport Authority. He claimed they would be monitoring speeds and loads and that they had two DS-1 lines. Basically three megs for all the traffic. I did some math and figured out that would be between 50 and 100k per user at off times. Looks like I was right.

Airports going the free route need to either have ten-20 megs of bandwidth or have access to bandwidth on demand.

Where is Boingo when I need them!


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Craig Plunkett

Boingo doesn't build infrastructure, yet. They ride on others with the exception of their purchase of Concourse Communications.

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