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One of the bloggers I know well, Mr. Blog, (aka David Beckemeyer) has a lot to say. Sometimes its with many words, other times its with few.

While I've been a tad behind in my blog reading, I have to point out a few very important posts he's written that in my mind will likely overtime become real news stories and also highly controversial.

1. ooma-The contention he makes is that ooma creates a toll fraud scenario with the local carrier and violation of the local telephone (LEC's) customer agreed TOS (terms of service.

2. SIPPHONE-here David raises the question as to why GizmoProject thinks they are excluded from the E911 Order. My guess? Skype chooses the same path. The only difference is where the PSTN interconnection occurs. I for one have always felt both pass the Duck test...

3. On The Skype Wipe Out-David explains what we all were feeling that it wasn't Microsoft or the servers, it was the inner workings of the Skype software itself and the concept of Distributed Hash Tables.

These post represent solid thinking and insight and in my view are all potentially bigger stories.


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OFCOM in the uk believes in your duck test--the new consultation on 999 (equivalent of 911) will require all voip providers that interconnect to or from a pstn number to offer 999. that means skype will now have to offer access to 999 becuase of skype in/out services. that will be a big change to all pc based providers who thought they could "escape" regulation. welcome to the real world of telecoms--it just shows that you can run but cant hide from regulation!

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