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I Have Something Michael Robertson Doesn't Have

Ken Rutkowski and I tease SipPhone/Gizmo Project founder Michael Robertson by calling him Golden Boy on the air at KenRadio. Michael's a multi-millionaire and has more than most, that's why today I had to chuckle when I realized little old me has something my down the road by a mile or so pal doesn't have. 3G. I mean real 3G HSDPA access to the Net. You see I live in Solana Beach and GoldenBoy lives down the beach in Del Mar.

AT&T is handcuffed as are most carriers when it comes to providing amazing cell service in our area because Del Mar, adjoins Torrey Pines and neither area for many reasons wants cell towers. As a result a drive through Del Mar and Torrey Pines always results in dropped calls or in some cases, just simply no coverage.

The arrival of new technologies will hopefully change this, but until FEMTOCELLs arrive it looks like I'll be at least one up on Michael.

Can you get 3G in your area? Try this map and see.


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