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VoIP News and Notes-Saturday September 1 2007

Credit Where Credit is Due

David Beckemeyer could have thrown in the towel. He didn't.

Just two days or so ago he IM'd me to say that one of the data centers he was using for Phonegnome was pulling the plug and turning the lights out IN TWO DAYS. David to his credit found another data center, and within a day, it was running. He's busy making sure all things are done right.

Much to my dismay some people scolded him for being offline for all of 15 minutes. GEEZ....Here's little PhoneGnome out for all of 15 minutes and customers are losing it...Get a life. David did more things right in one day, and with much less in the way of resources or staff than Skype or RIM did in more time when they had outages.

David is a pioneer in many ways and he should be thanked.


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