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With SunRocket reportedly in deep trouble, and Vonage having its own share of woes the question of how do you keep your telephone number has to be on many subscribers minds.

I for one would not be surprised to see the state utility commissions start looking into protecting their citizens, especially in situations where the consumer or small business owner has pre-paid for their phone service as they have with SunRocket. The cost of changing your phone number is more than just the service itself. For example, if the number is the one you use for your credit cards the time involved could be lengthy. If you have your phone number on business cards or stationary, plus collateral materials, the cost there could be in the thousands. Beyond all that there is the time involved in notifying those people you know of your new number. Let's face it, changing and notifying the "community" you work and play with about your new phone number is not as easy as it is to update your address via the post office.

So some tips and options:

1) Get a Grand Central Number--with Google now owning them, it's not likely going away and make that your number. (Disclosure-GrandCentral is an agency client) You can then route your calls to any number that you end up with.

2) Use Plaxo-with Plaxo's notification service your online colleagues and friends will get notified of any changes if the unfortunate "I lost my number" occurs

3) Port your number to a RBOC or Cable company. I still have my main number with AT&T.

4) Get an 800 number. You actually have more control over an 800 number than any number around, because you pay for it. While this is costly, you won't lose it.


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