Tehrani Was Right-Pingtel Sold to BlueSocket
Teleblend (WHO????) Acquires Some SunRocket Assets

Alec on Vonage, ooma-Open Mouth, Insert Both Feet

When you're down and troubled and need a helping hand.....don't look at Vonage for help.

Its one thing when you're known as a nice guy type of company to make statements that point out the reasons for the failures of others. But it's another to kick the dead dog around.

Alec points out how a new kid on the PR block at Vonage (where have you gone Mitchell "Mad Dog" Slepian) had to say about SunRocket.

Lets face it. SunRocket flamed out not because of anything Vonage did, but because of gross mismanagement over the last year. Their change in leadership earlier this year, which basically tossed the founders overboard, was the beginning of the end. Within five months SunRocket went from being a darling to a dead dog. Nothing that Vonage did hurt them.

Alec also points out about ooma's PR failures. I don't think though its simply a matter of "a good outreach" program. A lot of it has to do with telling people about a product versus giving them the product to try. This is called Hype.

Today the New York Times has a story about the less than anticipated reaction to the iPhone. It seems that the uptake isn't as great a people thought it would be. This is called reality. I think ooma is seeing PR reality unfold with the bloggers.

Update: Stuart, who knows his marketing stuff weighs in with his commentary, praise and analysis. He also recognizes what my firm has been and continues to do for our clients. We always accept the praise, and when we make a mistake, the blame. Thanks Stuart!


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