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How To Save You SunRocket Number

Ok, I'm a few days behind as I dig out of post wedding trip and business travel, but this DSL Reports page pretty much gives the SunRocket user base some needed solutions on many fronts, especially porting your number so you don't have to use 8x8's Packet8 service offering if you want a different provider such as Broadvoice, Vonage or Earthlink or AT&T CallVantage.

SkypeJournal calls for social responsibility on the part of VoIP operators. I for one am awaiting the first Public Utility Commission to start looking at the whole SunRocket fiasco. While I don't think it will be at the level of the WorldCom or Enron level of investigation, some states' righter will find the energy to task some investigative attorney to look into the whole fiasco.

Ironically I called SunRocket's wind-down company, spoke to their PR person, gave him my phone number and never heard back. Seems others in the know who may ask tough questions are in the same boat.

Note-This post from Tom Keating asks a lot of what is going through my mind too.


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Sunrocket lured many customers to pay over $200 in front and its website was still promoting this even a day before it shutdown. This obvious money laundry was well planned. Someone is responsible for this and the case should be investigated by the Justice Dept.

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