T-Mobile Rolls Out HotSpot @ Home With VoIP
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T Mobile Displays @Home

Wed 27/06/2007 07:21 27062007020

Wed 27/06/2007 07:21 27062007020

Today I stopped in a Manhattan T-Mobile store and saw their display. Note they are not displaying any handsets in association with the unit, and no one seemed to be able to answer questions about the product's availability with regard to handsets.

In reading the collateral, there were all kinds of disclaimers about 911 and in my view made E911 sound like a best efforts claim to avoid potential litigation down the road. Unlike Earthlink, AT&T and AOL, all of whose voice service require very strict compliance with E911, this seemed to strike me as odd, but consistent, due to the nature of how the mobile operators currently hand off 911 calls, to the state police or hiway patrol, not the local authorities (at least in California despite efforts to make that happen in some communities.)

I've actually reached out to a former T-Mobile PR person to get in touch with the company's PR person to get more on this and other questions answered that the release doesn't provide.

Stay Tuned!


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That is one understated display man ... how would someone even know what that was?

Ricky Cadden

The handsets are a Nokia and a Samsung. My roommate works for T-mobile and just got the router and Samsung phone in. It's surprisingly simple to setup, we were using it to make calls within 3 minutes of pulling it out of the box. Very low-end phones, though. Is UMA something they can add via firmware/ROM update (for Dash, MDA, etc)?

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