Vocera Gets Motorola Investment

Work At Home Mom's View On GrandCentral

What I like in this post about GrandCentral Mobile is the same as what I like about VoIPGirl's writings.

They're not techy. They're consumer focused. Judi hit all the right points about GrandCentral Mobile so she's deserving of a shoutout here. For those of you who tend to think of the VoIP bloggers as a "boy's club" of pat the other guy on the back types let me tell you, that day is over here and has been for some time.

Bloggers like Leanne and Judi are bringing a very much needed "rest of us" type of approach and as VoIP and other technology heads mainstream, we as thought leaders need to recognize and draw attention to them at every possible turn.


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I agree whole-heartedly. Great blog. When someone can say "this is why product A does or does not work for me," it helps all us VoIP/Mobile folks focus on what reeeeally matters.
I love Judi's post about the multiple headsets. I've wrestling with that problem too.
But of course, my solution is to to kill the deskphone and consolidate everything onto mobile phone number which I can use on my PC or mobile handset. GrandCentral sounds great.

Judi Sohn

Hey, thanks for the nice shoutout! I'm not so much a "VoIP blogger" as a "this is what's going on in my life, and this is the tech I'm using to deal with it" kind of blogger. :-)

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