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Skype Says "Call Your Mother"

Skype has announced a program only a Mother could love, called, the "Gift of Gab"

With the “Gift of Gab,” U.S. and Canadian residents can use Skype to call anyone, anywhere in the world for free all day on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13th). That’s twenty-four hours to call mom, your best friend or other members of the family, without paying a dime. It doesn’t matter if that special someone is in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America or right around the corner.

Why Mother’s Day??

- Mother’s Day is the busiest calling holiday of the year, so there’s no better day to make calls for free.

- Sixty-two percent of moms just want a phone call saying I love you on Mother’s Day, yet only 35% actually receive phone calls, according to a new survey commissioned by Skype.

- 42% of adults say they see or talk with a parent (especially Mom) every single day, up 10% since 1989. Now all that chatting won’t cost anything!

If you recall a few weeks back I mused about Skype entering the phase in life of having to promote. This is one example, and by bringing in Intel they widen their reach and deepen credibility.

"Nicely done, sonny."


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But this is not the first time they have done this. Also, this is taken from the palybook of FWD.

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