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Skype Says "Call Your Mother"

Protectionist Move-Vodafone Adjusts Mobile Rate Plans In UK-VoIP and P2P Targeted

Why do I feel like we're all watching a very predictable game of chess?

In what may be more an admission that their network really isn't built for VoIP or P2P yet, or what could be a very defensive tactic, global mobile operator Vodafone is making it both cheaper for a data plan on a phone or data card on one hand, but more expensive on the other to do the things most people would want the plans for..

Vodafone is going to break out costs for P2P communication and VoIP (which is actually P2P once the call set up is completed). To be very protectionist in nature, they have lumped in Instant Messaging, clearly to not lose revenue from the high margin SMS business, into P2P communications.


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How are they going to tell the difference? Especially with browser based services (like Google Talk's integration with GMail), but also with securely tunnelled traffic.

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