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Longtime readers, of this blog, who actually visit the blog site, will notice something's missing. It's the wonderful Sitofono button that serves such a useful purpose, making it easy for others to reach me.

So everyone knows, I really love my Sitofono button, and more specifically the overall concept of click to call. But recently I realized that something's missing from click to call. That something, is relevance.

You see, my darling little Sitofono became the Voice 2.0 dialpad for prank calls or test calls or even tech support for people having issues with it in Italy when no one else was around. What's more since I pointed Sitofono to my GrandCentral number I was getting calls at all kinds of hours, and in some cases they were truly interrupting or even disrupting to things like meals or even yes, sleep. While the calls were not high in volume, the times were such that I had to say "arrivederci mon amore" for a short while, or go onto perpetual Voice Mail with GrandCentral. That was a non-starter as being reachable is my stock and trade and has been for many, many years.

But the problem is not Sitofono's alone. It's the nature of all Click to Call overall. You see, there's no relevance or intelligence behind it. It's simply, for now, a way to set up and bridge a call using SIP and PSTN call routing, dialing, trunking and termination.

For "Click to Call" to have meaning, it needs relevance and intelligence. It needs to discern and learn. It also needs rules. The combination of GrandCentral, who also has their own click to call, Sitofono for the international set up, and iotum's Relevance Engine moves click to call from being nothing more than a substitute dialing mechanism into being a real "reach me" service. Year's ago AT&T crafted a service called Easy Reach, which was really "Find Me, Follow Me" as we know it today. It was a 1.0 solution. In today's 2.0 world all we have taken is that decades old solution and migrated it to VoIP but really, what we end up having today in VoIP with "Find Me, Follow Me" isn't relevant to 2.0. It is still down in what I call Voice 1.5, where the only thing that has changed is the wire and who the bill comes from. As reference to what a Voice 1.5 company is think of your local cable MSO's Digital Voice or even Vonage, which doesn't really offer a 2.0 solution to a 2.0 world.

For Click to Call to really be relevant in a 2.0 world, it needs to be smarter and more advanced than the old "Easy Reach" service.

So here's my suggestion to all the click to call folks. Call pal, client, uber blogger and Voice 2.0 Manifesto "Mac Daddy" Alec Saunders and let him help you make Click to Call interruption free, smarter and simply relevant.


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Hi Andy,

I hear you completely that click-to-call solutions need to have intelligence and relevance. And that is why we created jaxtr, a social communications company.

The "intelligence" part of jaxtr comes from the fact that it allows you to easily manage which calls can ring your phone and which calls shall go to voicemail to be screened by you. Also, we have sophistication built into our backend that detects and prevents spam before it hits your phone/voicemail.

The "relevance" part of jaxtr comes from the fact that it uses click-to-call as a convenient way to distribute a local phone number to your callers, so that anyone that clicks on your jaxtr widget online gets a local phone number for you added to their phone.

Give it a try and let us know whether this is coming closer to your vision of where this industry should head towards :)

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