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David Pogue Profiles GrandCentral In the New York Times

What may be old news to those who already know about client GrandCentral from the coverage here and from the ongoing coverage of them in other blogs, their one number solution simplifies your life by offering a unified telephone number and many other time saving features. So as someone who is already in the know, what you can read about in David Pogue's story (login required) may be old hat to you. But to the millions and millions who never heard of GrandCentral, it won't be at all. What I love about Pogue's story is he so eloquently and succinctly captured the concept of GrandCentral to a T, and even more apropos his video, that can be found on the New York site the has caused the phones to literally be ringing off the hook in Fremont from everyone who now wants to get in on the action that CNET founder Halsey Minor invested in last year. That and the fact that founders Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet also have watched the sign-ups pour in.

The story, is a must read. Not only is it dead on the money, but for those who think they may needs GrandCentral and for those who don't the user value comes through loud and clear. The robust and rosy summary of features is right down the line correct, and what's more, the hilarious video, scripted, acted and produced by Pogue tells me he's destined for TV in the not to distant future. Written and carried out like an infomercial that you see on late night TV, it is pure homespun, Don Popiel style humor and salesmanship at its very best.

All of the above said, GC has more tricks up their sleeves, as their not done making life simpler for phone users, while offering carriers more ways to make life easier too. At the end of the day GrandCentral may have come up with the best VoIP play on the market for consumers without requiring any telephone adapters, dedicated installs, fear of 911 or hardware that poses a challenge to so many VoIP companies.

Pogue's article pretty much sums that up.

A job well done to our friendly comrades in arms Andrea and her crew for their pursuit of Pogue.


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