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Talk Now is The New Presence

Jim Courtney of Skype Journal has taken the plunge and is working his way through the concept of "the New Presence" and has focused his initial efforts around client iotum's Talk Now application which I must admit is pretty neat.

Since getting my new Blackberry 8700 (I'm on T-Mobile so the 8800 is a while from being even reality for me) I have found the application to be very useful and helpful.

I'm going to encourage Alec Saunders and Howard Thaw of iotum to create "Meet Now" for those of us who tend to be on the conference circuit as it would be a great tool with a similar approach and would in my mind bring the idea of really bringing being present to presence.


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Grand Central's model works in countries where mobile and fix phone rates are similar. But how will GC's business model work (will it?) in countries where mobile rates are x-fold?
If the answer is by charging the customer for call termination, then the mobile carriers may be tempted to start similar services.
Francisco -

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