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Ken Camp On Covad's Blogger Relations Program

Like with any offspring, you take pride when the child starts to take its first baby steps. That's the way I'm feeling today after reading Ken Camps' very warm hearted approach post about the new Covad Blogger Relations Program.

If the tune sounds familiar its because the program is my company's third client in the blogger relations world, with Nokia and GrandCentral Communications being the first two.

While we tend to blend blogger communications and outreach into most of the campaigns we launch, the programs that carry the "Blogger Relations Program" badge are very different from one another. Each have elements that may appear similar, but the strategy and the ultimate execution behind each is very different, which is why they fall under the Asymmetrical side of my agency's house. How things unfold, the logic behind that and the timing are just some of the thinking that goes on. A lot of what happens is what the various publics never see, but benefits from.

There's a lot of fun planned around this one...and in turn lots of interesting news stay tuned.

Attn: Telcos---Do The Math

Alec Saunders dusts off his math books, comes up with some stats and basically tells the carriers, especially the mobile operators that presence and apps like his own TalkNow that works on the RIM Blackberry so well, that the greater the presence data, the more completed calls and in turn more minutes.

It reminds me of how with each new form of media that comes along, how well the prior form seems to do in advertising.

Carriers....can you hear US now?

We've All Got that Lovin' Feeling About eTel

I've been hot on eTel ever since uber-brainiac Surj Patel (he's an MIT Media Labber) was on the phone with me last summer talking about his vision.

Alec and David are both hot on it and for good reason. The event is about starting things up..

While the other shows are where the big boys come to play, eTel is where tomorrow's stars are going to be made. What's great is that the veterans from last year's eTel are back in force along with many an newcomer.

Be there or be left behind.

It's MashupMania Time

"Oh yeah...." those of you who ever watched WWF will remember Randy "Macho Man" Savage and his famous "Oh Yeah" line that he would use just as he started an interview.

Well, that's kind of what I'm expecting at the Mashup Mania event that O'Reilly's crew has put together next week at the eTel conference which is shaping up to be great.

Om Malik has his first of a series of LaunchPad events, and a swank party which clients Covad and Grand Central are sponsoring on Tuesday night that has been engineered by the smartest guy I know, Surj Patel. There is also, as Bruce Stewart points out a MashUp event during eTel too that will be worth hacking around at.

This is where the chest thumping, bragging will happen and rightfully so. There is a lot of amazing new technology out there and my instincts tell me that LaunchPad and the Mashup events will be the highlights of eTel.

Gadget! Get Your Gadgets Here

When I read VoIPLowDown's post about the top fifty VoIP gadgets I had a flash back to the "Joe the beer man" who for many years was a seller in the Spectrum in Philadelphia.

Joe would walk the aisles selling beer, and at crucial times would put his tray of beers down and lead the crowd in cheers. He would walk the stairs and bellow out "beer. Get your beer" In a word, he was a huckster.

Well when I went through the list of gadgets other than a few like the Nokia E61 and N800 I felt that many of the devices were being sold the way Joe sold beer. The marketing is too hucksterish when I get approached. What I see at trade shows is often second rate, largely because the companies make great equipment but have almost zero consumer marketing expertise.

The list has many excellent devices, but unfortunately, without some real marketing and some polish, these will likely all go the way of "Joe the Beer Man."

Talk Now is The New Presence

Jim Courtney of Skype Journal has taken the plunge and is working his way through the concept of "the New Presence" and has focused his initial efforts around client iotum's Talk Now application which I must admit is pretty neat.

Since getting my new Blackberry 8700 (I'm on T-Mobile so the 8800 is a while from being even reality for me) I have found the application to be very useful and helpful.

I'm going to encourage Alec Saunders and Howard Thaw of iotum to create "Meet Now" for those of us who tend to be on the conference circuit as it would be a great tool with a similar approach and would in my mind bring the idea of really bringing being present to presence.

North America to Embrace Voice over WiFi

According to eMarketer the North American Market is going to be the biggest Voice over WiFi market in the world.

This has to be great news for my pal Steve Howe at Earthlink who is closing in on unveiling their new WiFi phone shortly, as well other WISP (Wireless Internet Service Providers) like Boingo.

For companies in the handset space like clients Nokia and FONAV, E28 which has a dual mode and FMC ready Linux based Smartphone, plus others like UT-Starcom the future is very bright here.

Off the bat my choice for a WiFi phone is not phone per se, but a real Internet device. It's the Nokia N800 which allows me to use Google Talk and Gizmo Project easily to make and take calls. With the eventual new updated BlueTooth that can make it acts just like a mobile phone when I'm in range of a hotspot it will be so sweet.