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When I read VoIPLowDown's post about the top fifty VoIP gadgets I had a flash back to the "Joe the beer man" who for many years was a seller in the Spectrum in Philadelphia.

Joe would walk the aisles selling beer, and at crucial times would put his tray of beers down and lead the crowd in cheers. He would walk the stairs and bellow out "beer. Get your beer" In a word, he was a huckster.

Well when I went through the list of gadgets other than a few like the Nokia E61 and N800 I felt that many of the devices were being sold the way Joe sold beer. The marketing is too hucksterish when I get approached. What I see at trade shows is often second rate, largely because the companies make great equipment but have almost zero consumer marketing expertise.

The list has many excellent devices, but unfortunately, without some real marketing and some polish, these will likely all go the way of "Joe the Beer Man."


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