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It's Conference Time

A week or two back was CES in Las Vegas followed by a lot of meetings for me.

Tonight I'm flying on Jeff's favorite airline, Jeff Blue, on the Red Eye from Oakland to Fort Lauderdale, FL for a compact two days of time with clients, companies that have asked to brief me and to moderate a panel featuring top executives from VAPPS, Web Dialogs and SightSpeed about the Future of Internet Conferencing.

I'll also be meeting up with the Chairman of the Board of VoEX, Frank Fawzi to learn all about their plans as well as finding some time to hang with bud Craig Walker of Grand Central. They both have some very neat new twists coming down the pike over the next few months and this will be my chance to hear first hand what that will be....

Blogger Coverage To Be Carried By The Associated Press

The Associated Press has made the move to utilize bloggers to augment their news gathering efforts by working with the Media Bloggers Association.

Pal Bob Cox who founded the Media Blogges Association (MBA) gets the credit for making this happen. As a board member of the MBA and its Treasurer, this is a big step for giving more credibility to the blogging community and clearly shows that the AP is looking at how it can use "citizen journalists" who specialize in "instant journalism" to stay on top of breaking news, with insight and expertise, while still maintaining AP style and professionalism.

V-Access Is Real Yawner

Vonage has a program for global nomads who want to make cheap calls. It's a lot like the services that have been around for years from various calling card services, the only difference from what I can tell is the tie into your Vonage number, which is really the same as an account...YAWN.

I continue to be amazed about Vonage's lack of innovation. They can claim all they want to that they can do anything, but with so many 2.0 companies out there like clients Grand Central, iotum, PhoneGnome and others like Roam4Free, Jangl, Skype, GizmoProject, Yahoo, etc. really innovating, not simply bringing the PSTN or PSTN era service to IP, but really looking at how 2.0 applies to voice I'm amazed the Vonage Board of Directors isn't calling for someone's head.

Vonage's may sell on price, but companies that some call Vonage like including Earthlink, SunRocket and Lingo, as well as some of the cable MSO's are making 2.0 like moves, while Vonage remains in what I call the land of 1.5 and all that differentiates them from 1.0 PSTN carrier is the RJ 45 and a different billing address.

Martin Trashes and Thrashes T-Mobile

A few months back I ranted about how bad T-Mobile's customer service was.

Well Martin never had the chance to even tell them he's one of the world's most influential telecom analysts and bloggers...his rant is proving that the issues at T-Mobile are not just localized to the USA, but seem to be global in nature.

StreamCast Suit vs. Skype Tossed

In what will make eBay shareholders breathe a sigh of relief, the Federal courts have tossed out the StreamCast suit against Skype on grounds that Streamcast didn't make their case well enough.

Streamcast plans to pursue other matters, but give the first round victory to eBay.

UPDATE-Upon some reflection in my view, this is not closure, just the Federal Court saying this belongs at the State Court or even at the arbitration level. The case had numerous defendants and many are tied back to the Skype founders. What will also be interesting is if Streamcast ties in The Venice Project, now called JOOST, as there may be even more overlap there.