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Yahoo Execs: It should have been the Spam Manifesto

One of the product lines under Peanut Butter Manifesto's author Brad Garlinghouse is their email product line. If not, he's a very lucky Sr. VP, as it leaves a lot to be desired.

As an experiment I let my Yahoo Mail email account alone for fifty days. End result was over 1600 emails, of which 85 to 90 percent of spam. When I compare this to both Google's Gmail and Apple's .Mac Mail only Microsoft's HotMail has a weaker performance level at fighting spam.

Yahoo mail is a total failure as an Internet mail provider in my eyes. I used to have Yahoo as my business account's hosting company but due to SPAM issues I switched to a provider who uses Postini for Spam fighting. My spam level is almost nill, to the point of where it doesn't pose a problem and what's more the falses are nill.

What's ironic is that my business account somehow seems to have a presence still in my Yahoo Mail directory, and ironically it still catches SPAM even though the domain is not there any more and hasn't been there for almost 20 months. Since I pay some annual fee to Yahoo, I expect better performance.

So when the Yahoo team comes back to work after a peanut butter and jelly break maybe they can really deal with SPAM the right way in the new year.