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The Softie In Me Smiles

When I read blog posts from people saying things like this I just smile, knowing that my team and client over the past year have worked very hard to reach out to the general market, not the early adopter, to enjoy the power of real time video communications on a personal level.

We're not talking out of sight priced Cisco or HP Telepresence here. We're talking a free service that works with just about any webcam and personal computer and delivers a true to life experience of face to face video communications.

I had a similar experience Monday morning, and got the damp eyes that come with joy. I was in Frankfurt, Germany getting ready to fly home after a very successful trip on a variety of fronts. My finace was at her mom's in Santa Clara (yes Helene is a child of Silicon Valley so there should be no question why I'm marrying a girl geek) with her brother, his wife, their three children, her Aunt and her two boys. She also had her Sony Vaio UXP-180 with the built in webcam which we used to have an amazing Christmas with the family. You see, I may have been twelve hours away in travel time, over six thousand air miles and nine hours different in time, but as I awoke there was Helene and the family celebrating Christmas Eve and I was overjoyed at being there without being physically there.

Last week I told the tale of dinner with Bob while I was in Paris and he was in New Rochelle, NY. Bob is Bob Cox, the founder of the Media Bloggers Association. I've known Bob and his family (his growing family) now for ten years. I think he had two kids then and now has added a few more. Bob was a former client when he founded MobileWord, a company that was far ahead of its time in delivering overnight transcripts from dictated files. Today a service called WeType4U is pretty much what MobileWord was, but Bob's bigger idea of a Word Factory never made the light of day, which was sad because it really had the right stuff. Like with MobileWord, Bob was too early.

Sometimes you gotta have faith and as my pal Tom Carter, who founded Bridgeport Networks and now is driving sales and marketing at Clarity, likes to say.."you gotta pick you ponies because somewhere in the pile is a winner." Personal Video Communications is one of those piles and I've picked my pony. You just have to know that it's important to let the winning pony grow up and become a stallion, not just a front runner, because in the end, it's the stallions who make the future.


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