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Skype Journal-Resurfacing Soon?

There's been a lot of back channel and now public noise about Skype Journal, a blog and venture many of us are very fond of.

My hunch is that Phil has to work out what he's doing with some of the folks involved just as other blogs are going through some of the same issues.

Blogs that are more than one person shows have to be businesses. They have to function that way, not as a collection of individuals who share common ideas for when some cracks develop it all evaporates unless there is some form of structure. Jim Courtney is enough of a pro to help Phil through this and even with Stuart off doing his own thing enough of the minds behind, and supporters are all there to help.

I for one am rooting for them to resurface as they provide a valuable service for more than just the Skype crowd and will do my part to help.


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