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SF WiFi Project

It appears the highly touted San Francisco WiFi project continues to hit speed bumps.

The fact that only 12 concerned citizens (if they were all citizens and not PR and Policy representatives) is a bigger source of concern. 12 in a city as digital as San Francisco...What are we talking here? HomelessWireless? Maybe GrandCentral can give away cheap WiFi phones like they give away free voice mail boxes for the homeless to have a phone number which a great humanitarian effort by clients Craig and Vincent.

Under the current scenario voice will be limited to 10 calls per access point at any one time, and according to well informed sources in the mesh space, this is not a problem that is getting solved this year by the mesh industry.

If I was advising Earthlink and looking at spending the kind of money it will take to build this out, vs. the return rate I'd try to figure out a way to use less access points that cover the same distance, reduce overall installation and Total Cost of Ownership, ramp speed to market and get this up and running in some kind of early test in a few communities to determine acceptance and usage before spending the kind of money quoted.


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