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SitoFono and The Pastabilities

In a world where imagination is king, it's nice to see that companies with great ideas are not only in Silicon Valley, but even in places like Sardinia too. About a week or so ago, pal Luca, the mind behind Abbeynet asked the bloggers to help with letting the word get out about his new web based click to call solution, Sitòfono.

I was very much intrigued by what Sitòfono could do for me in the realm of click to call, especially with my blog, but my blog uses TypePad so the ability to add things to the template that are not part of the standard or optional configuration set is daunting, especially for those like me who are very code-phobic. So, while I can do some simple HTML and XML work, getting into the code, adding an icon and a snippet of code to the page and how you customize TypePad is more than I wanted to do, nor had the time to really explore.

Fortunately SixApart is a huge promoter of their API and Widget environments for TypePad and Moveable Type, so I suggested to Luca, as I have to others, that the TypePad Widget could be the solution for those like me who are coding challenged, yet anxious to explore what Sitòfono could do for us.

Luca to his credit embraced the idea of creating a widget and promised me that in two weeks the widget would be done. A day later he said "two week has become two days." Now on day three I have Sitòfono working perfectly.

Like many of the other VoIP bloggers I've pointed my Sitòfono to GrandCentral so now I'm more connected, which I reported on KenRadio today. With GrandCentral's call screening I can weed out unwanted callers who may call at inopportune times. But at the same time, I can now be more easily reached by those who need to call me too. But what I like most though about Sitòfono is that it's not a "minute stealer" and instead is a minute generator in every direction. Mobile. Landline and yes, SIP provider too.

What I have is all about me. What Luca has done, is all about being different. Sitòfono provides one more piece of the 2.0 chain that lets me make a personal mash up between two very cool Voice 2.0 technologies, Sitòfono and GrandCentral, and a Web 2.0 technology (TypePad for Blogging) that all leads to a greater degree of collaboration and simplifies how people reach me as well. This same approach could also easily be used to incorporated to work with SIP, Skype, Unyte for web conferencing, SightSpeed, PhoneGnome and others who want to be reached. Since SitòFono is SIP based, just about any SIP based system can be reached easily too. Since Luca and company already figured out how to interface via a SIP gateway with the global PSTN networks mobile and land line are also already covered.

To Luca and his team, I say "Molte, Molte Grazie" for SitòFono!


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