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Why Alec Doesn't VLog and Why I Will

Alec Saunders explains what he didn't blog, and why I did.

I took up Dina Kaplan's challenge after explaining a lot of reasons why Video isn't for just everyone. Face it. I've been on TV before and the concept of production value is still important to me, unless the audience doesn't care. Dina's comapny Blip.TV is full of amateur generated, un excuse me, user generated content, but as we're learning, smart people and companies in Hollywood, like Creative Artists Agency, are beginning to use the video blog opportunities and the viral nature of blogs to the fullest, as a way to bring production value to attract a real audience.

Be warned, seeing may be believing, but what your seeing, may not be only what it "appears to be" becaue the medium isn't as new as you think it is, but the audience, like the dawning era of TV, is ripe for the picking.


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Andy, I really enjoyed your vlog, and I hope you keep vlogging. There is an audience for newspapers and an audience for TV News, and I think two-way communications in both mediums are wonderful. (Also, many people in my generation are accustomed to digesting "news" and reports in video form.)

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