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Skype Has Major Problems

Over the last week I've seen an increase in delayed messages from Skype users. I've also become the victim of chat spam and conference call spam where all of a sudden someone or a group of someone's is bringing me into a totally useless chat session about nothing.

The delayed messages, some sent by clients who thought I was on line, as I appeared to them to be online, even though I was offline means Skype is not ready for mission critical communications.

But the invites to conferences by people not on my Skype buddy list, and when I'm not in Skype Me mode is a tad peculiar but since I want to be contacted by people who know me, but I don't know their Skype name right off the bat, means I have to leave myself open for those types of things.

My suggestion is that Skype figures out how to limit the conference feature as a new level of privacy by making conference inclusion a request, not an automatic start because you're allowing messages to be received from anyone. If they don't, this will mean, bye bye Skype for many in business, or a change in habits related to privacy, and that in turn will begin their death spiral.