Rebtel Raises A Mint
Ted Rips Mac Beta

Jangl, GrandCentral Coming To A Phone Soon

I'm playing around with Jangl beta and while the audience they're going after isn't me, I suspect the big market for this will be the 18-30's disposable income and disposable friends set.

Om and I had a talk about it last night and he sees lots of women liking it. Since we're both good friends with new Jangl hire Pooj (I made Skype what they are) Preena, Jangl gets a lot of latitude with the both of us becasue Pooj is one smart dude who can sell with the best of them. But I'm fairly sure that Jangl is not for me, at least not yet, as I'm totally in love with my future wife, and not actively playing in the dating arena, that and I'm well past that the audience they want for now.

On the other hand I also talked with ex-dialpad'ers Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet, who are about to unleash a really new consumer service Grand Central Communications in a few days (boy are they onto something big). Mums the word, until DEMO, but gosh have these guys come up with something that is ready for prime time.

It seems Voice 2.0 is alive and well.