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My mentor in PR, the late Sy Roseman, used to tell me that "self praise" stinks which is one reason why I don't have a real web site for my company, but more so, because it's who talks about you and what they say that matters.

That's why it was so it was very rewarding, and heartfelt, when I woke up today and read Matt Miller's very kind and emotionally packed commentary on the Washington Post's story that I was featured in. The fact that Matt posted this on ZDnet, giving it major props and eyeballs is reflective of him and his character.

Bloggers have come under all kinds of attacks, and now with the mainstream media recognizing, and in many ways adopting what we do, we're seeing that we and those that embrace blogging are not the aberration, but the harbinger of things to come.


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Mark Evans

belated congrats on the washington post story - the client must have loved it - and your birthday.

cheers, mark

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