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More Rough Sailing For Vonage

It looks like being a lawyer for Vonage means you used to work for a firm that represented Microsoft as yet two more law suits over the falling IPO continue to mount.

This one though could have ramifications in many directions, especially if you were deemed an insider and have to now prove you were the modern day equivilant of Sgt. Schultz and "knew nothing."

Imagine being a so called and likely mislabeled insider with a bunch of shares that were non-restricted and having to go through the hassle of proving what you don't know as a result of all of this. I honestly feel bad for those people who took stock in trade for services and were able to sell out on day one, especially if they are simply VoIP Smart and publicly aware of all the Vonage misteps simply by reading the blogs and the news.

In my mind this is likely due to the spectre that Jeffrey Citron still has hanging over his head from his past stock dealings that he settled with the SEC on.


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