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Keating Et Al On SightSpeed 5.0

Thanks to blogging pal Tom Keating at TMCNet, client SightSpeed is getting some early play on tonight's release (9 PM PDT) of SightSpeed 5.0 which Om Malik broke the news on over a week ago.

TechCrunch's Neil Kjeldsen and PhoneBoy also jump in on the act as well with insight and viewpoints. I personally love PhoneBoy's comment about SightSpeed being better than Skype saying "no contest there."

I tested this between my Mac and one of my PCs and I couldn't make Skype on the PC use the Logitech camera. SightSpeed worked out of the gate. No contest there.

Ken Camp, also has some opinions. Like Ken, even though I'm on the team with SightSpeed, I don't have 5.0 installed yet either, and won't until the software hits the servers tonight.

So too does Robin Good, who is one of the more experienced video experts around.

But to see a glimpse of what's coming, check out The SightSpeed Guy's very funny video.....classic...