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Is Michael Robertson The Devil in Disguise or The Angel In the Cloud?

Mark Evans entitled his post on Gizmo Project move to what is basically free calling, "Telco Hell".

That sorta implies that my pal Michael Robertson is the devil in disguise (something at least a few people at Microsoft would likely agree with,) but to many he's really an angel, with a bad boy streak who knows how to use the cloud to his advantage.

Tom Keating weighed in yesterday calling the move by Gizmo the VoIP Clone wars. While Gizmo Project is not a client, Jason Droege and Michael Robertson are friends and as I beleive in the FHF (friend helping friends) I'm more than happy to applaud, laud and highlight their efforts as I really think Gizmo in many ways is more telco friendly than Skype ever could be. Now if they would only do more with PhoneGnome.........wouldn't that be something as the two companies are in perfect alingment.

Jim Courtney adds some sage like well.


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