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We Too, We Also, We Copy

CNET has a story about the future direction of Microsoft and how they will be changing telephony and voice communications through the promise of new services tied to their concept of unified messaging.

Sadly, for all the great capacity innovation and brain power that resides inside the almighty Redmond giant all they can come up with is another example of how they are the worlds greatest next generation of Xerox. You see, at Microsoft it's not about innovation, and really, it never has been. It's all about We Too, We Also, We Copy.

Their idea of unified messaging is a pale copy of what Parus Interactive's Webley service has been delivering for over eight years, but now their promise of intelligent find me, follow me, only talk to me if I want or need to, is a dead ringer in positioning to client iotum, who for over a year has been at this concept and now is beginning to get some traction.

So if imitation is the highest form of flattery, considering the source, I'd say the imagination and brilliance inside companies like Parus and iotum are being very highly thought of.


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