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More Me Too...This time from Fusion

Fusion Telecommunications was making a lot of noise this past week with the launch of Efonica, a free VoIP calling service.

In many ways it is not much different than Gizmo Project but yet it seems to pale. While Gizmo feels very cool and hip, Fusion's product appears to be more stiff and almost corporate in style trying to be hip. Maybe it's the web site, or maybe it's just the fact that they don't have a Mac version of the software, but knowing where the likes of Gizmo and Skype already are, and the directions Yahoo and AOL are heading makes me wonder what's different about efo and eFonica.

The peer to peer angle has already been played out and basically all SIP traffic is peer to peer on the media (i.e. your voice) so somehow I'm not seeing the big difference. Overall I like the idea but I keep feeling this may just be a slicker version of GloPhone, and more of a stock market play than anything else.

Too Smart Aswath Rao has some additional points that echo where I feel this company is.


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