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A most defining moment occured today at the resort Helene (my fiance) and I are staying at for the wedding of a personal friend of 30 years. At breakfast we had our laptops at the communal table where many of the "parents" friends were seated, many reading copies of the New York Times and International Herald Tribune, both of which I read online.

Someone remarked that it was a shame we had to work, which was ironic, for I was reading the Times too, only digitally, not the dead tree version. You see, the older generation views anything with a keyboard as something one uses for work not as an information appliance. For those of us who enjoy being connected, it's a whole different story.


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I think that is why older genration are we are somewhat different in the sense of being digitly.We have laptops technology and with the use of this we connect online with each other, we have mobile phones all tech gadgets that we have make our life easy to live.


I think you are absolutely right. Older generation thinks that it was better to write those lengthy and bulky ledgers with hand than maintaining accounts on the personal computer.

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