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April 16, 2006


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Andy Abramson

EVDO will work via Verizon or Sprint in the USA. Verizon has a card due in June.

The MacBook Pro is using PC Express 34 slots, not PCMCIA rendering old cards useless.


Very interesting piece, and a fine blog. Having read your blog occasionallly in the past I've now (after deciding to stop raging and love the blogosphere) added it to the subs in my dangerously distracting new NewsWireLite installation.

Here's where I'm particularly curious: You mention "EvDO (once it comes to my new Mac in June) " What new mac is this, and why will EvDO come to it in June? I'm a writer, occasional doc-film-maker and Mac-head, based in London England, but often travelling, especially to the US. I'm probably about to migrate from GPRS to 3G for my occasional (non-wifi) mobile data needs in the UK, using Bluetooth connectivity between my phone and my Mac. And I'm told that CDMA is good in India (where I'm currently visiting). I presume I'll want EvDO for US usage. I'm also going to get me an Intel MacBookPro soon. Are EvDO cards not yet available for Macs? Will EvDO be usable with the new MacBookPros which lack a trad PCMCIA slot?

Andy Abramson

As the story in the local paper says:

The airport closed out its contract with Airport Network this month, and officials decided to make the service free.

"Our customers have been asking for this," said airport spokeswoman Karen Doron.

"We felt it was more important to offer this service for free, rather than make a little money off it.

Indeed, the airport's share of the $6.95 access fees went to pay off Airport Network for the equipment it had installed, Doron said.

What does that say to you?


keep us posted. i'm interested to know what the wifi customer service is like there. btw, are you sure they dropped ICOA as opposed to just switching to a free service still managed by them? From what I can gather, ICOA is actually a pretty big fan of free Wi-Fi - managing the free networks at Denny's, Panera Bread, Stop & Shop as well as Boise Airport and umm... Gerald Ford Int'l Airport.

A lot of these WISPs are transitioning their business models to generate revenues from ads to allow for free access. So I'm not sure that this necessarily means ICOA and/or Boingo are out of the picture. Well, you'll find out soon enough. Let us know.

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