How's Your VoIP?
VON Reflections Part One

Stuart On Skype!

When the biggest unpaid cheerleader Skype ever had, Stuart Henshall, gets down on Skype, you have to take at least a moment and wonder what's up so give his post a read.

In Skype's defense Henry Gomez, the major domo in the USA was traveling and had to pass on a VON keynote opportunity. Skype also still really does have a small team here in USA, with most of the shots being called out of London. That small USA team is likely be a big reason why they couldn't do much, but Stuart has made some seriously valid points about what could have been done..heck they could have even hosted the blogger dinner last night !

Smart money says a lot more Skype will be seen and heard from likely at eBay Live, the big annual confab Bbay tosses for their community and eco system....