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Whose Buying CallVantage?

April Fool's Story # 2

AOL, which last year introduced Total Talk, could do the move of the year taking CallVantage away from AT&T.

What a great move that would be! AOL is progressive while the current leadership at AT&T is not as keen on Consumer VoIP as the old team. Then again other suitors could be Yahoo, Google, Lycos or even Vonage! About the only company to rule out is Apple.

CallVantage proved that without any marketing budget that a well developed product, with great technology will be desired by the public, so reforming the now disbanded CallVantage team that made the offering the hands down winner in VoIP comparative tests would be a great move.

AOL's Total Talk itself is an awesome product and it's capabilities and features easily rival or surpass AT&Ts. It has as much functionality or more in it. Yahoo previously aquired Dailpad and has the knack of making billion dollar purchases and has the market cap to pull it off.

What was interesting was the source told me that she also heard that Gary Morgenstern's who retired from AT&T after 32 years will also be named VP, for VoIP PR for whichever company aquires it.

April Fools!

O'Reilly To Buy TMC and PulverMedia

April Fools Story #1

According to reports out of the Bay Area long time uber geek publisher Tim O'Reilly has decided to acquire both TMC's Publishing and Conference/Trade Show Division as well as merge with PulverMedia.

Long time Pulver executive Scott Kargman will be named CEO of the combined entity. As part of the combined entity Jeff Pulver will serve as chief visionary while O'Reilly assumes the chairmanship.

TMC publisher Rich Tehrani and CTO Tom Keating will remain involved in the trade show and online product testing/review efforts focusing on new companies and new offers.

April Fools!

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Zennstrom Not At VON Canada

It seems Mr. Z won't be coming to VON and that's a shame. Zennstrom's impact on VoIP is significant and noteworthy. He has been one of the real agents of change and the audience in Toronto would have benefitted from his views and insight. From what I have seen and been hearing VON Canada will be a really great show and will be highlighting and showing that VOIP in Canada is very much alive.

One has to realize that Canada is not the USA and the very impressive list of speakers, exhibitors and attendees shows the power of Pulver. If it wasn't for CTIA I would be there. Of course I'm proud that client and friend Alex Saunders was asked to step in for Zennstrom. Way to go!

More Talq on Talqer

Om missed that I beat him to the post (again) but he went deeper about what the implications are around Google non-partner that works with GTalk, Talqer.

This week seems to be the I want to be the Phone on Your PC week, with Lycos and partners, Talqer, Earthlink all jumping into the fray.

Next week with CTIA in Las Vegas dual mode and FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) will be the buzzwords and the following week will be the Cable VoIP stories....Oh do I need a vacation.

Earthlink To Relabel VLING, To Be Free & Called Mindspring

The VoIP wars continue as value oriented Earthlink are expected to announce next week that they are becoming another blended player in the VoIP/IM game updating what was called Vling and making sure it's free. It seems every portal and all the access players wants into Voice with Lycos jumping in earlier this week. At some point one has to wonder how much of Skype's traffic moves back to where it came from and the users return as their original communities start to offer similar features that are also free.

According to what I've heard Earthlink's plans around Mindspring are to roll out free voice calling capabilities next week that also features real-time text (instant messaging), access to free voicemail and EarthLink Webmail. Earthlink's MindSpring VoIP/IM users will have access to one identity for e-mail, instant messaging and phone calls over the Internet. PC-to-PC calls are free, and customers can also dial traditional telephone users at the reduced rate of 2¢ per minute. New EarthLink/MindSpring users will also receive 30 free minutes of calls to traditional phone lines.

In many ways this mirrors what Yahoo is doing. They both seem to though fall well behind Michael Robertson's Gizmo Project that has in my mind captured the best of what Skype has to offer (i.e. free and easy) with true Voice 2.0 manifesto that lives iotum's Alec Saunders or Yahoo Brad Garlinghouse's collective visions, yet works off of SIP, the most reliable standard in the IP telephony world.