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As long as I have been blogging, I've always felt the "love" of one's fellow bloggers. Be it Om,  Alec, Jeff, Rich, Stuart, Russell, Tom, Ted, James, Martin, Mike, Jeremy, John @ Gizmodo etc., each of us tends respect the work of one another.

And like Comrades in Arms, hurt one, you hurt us all. So it was extremely rewarding to wake up this morning and see James' piss n'vinegar post about how CNET chose to cover the Streamcast/Skype case.

It was great to also see Richard and Jeff make similar comments, as well as TechDirt's Mike M.

Maybe I've come to expect that from them. It's happened before. It will happen again. But as pal Om said to me on the phone over the weekend "You broke the big one. Your in the big leagues now." He said that just after linking to the first story on Saturday. Giving credit wasn't hard for him. and many other sites found a way to do it to.

But to be gracious I just did what any real journalist would do. I worked my sources and got the story out and the world saw it.

Thanks to all my friends.


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