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April Fool's Story # 2

AOL, which last year introduced Total Talk, could do the move of the year taking CallVantage away from AT&T.

What a great move that would be! AOL is progressive while the current leadership at AT&T is not as keen on Consumer VoIP as the old team. Then again other suitors could be Yahoo, Google, Lycos or even Vonage! About the only company to rule out is Apple.

CallVantage proved that without any marketing budget that a well developed product, with great technology will be desired by the public, so reforming the now disbanded CallVantage team that made the offering the hands down winner in VoIP comparative tests would be a great move.

AOL's Total Talk itself is an awesome product and it's capabilities and features easily rival or surpass AT&Ts. It has as much functionality or more in it. Yahoo previously aquired Dailpad and has the knack of making billion dollar purchases and has the market cap to pull it off.

What was interesting was the source told me that she also heard that Gary Morgenstern's who retired from AT&T after 32 years will also be named VP, for VoIP PR for whichever company aquires it.

April Fools!


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