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Skype Dances With Intel

Today Skype and Intel play ball according to EE Times.

Now all someone needs to do is really improve the sound input on most PC's. While Macs already have advanced audio input and output, the key that is needed to really make this take sector take off are the kind of advancements in echo cancellation and background noise reduction like what client SightSpeed is deploying in their recent soft launch of update version 4.5 to their award winning communications platform.

In my view this also has more meaning than conference calling for Skype. With the Intel relationship it likely means that Skype is already hard at work to make as much use the dual-core Intel technology to enhance video calling. And, next up, there likely will be a new Mac OSX version of Skype 2.0 that can really take advantage of the Intel Core Duo chip in the latest iMacs and MacBookPro laptops.