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Gizmo's Great Customer Service

Maybe it's because I know Michael Robertson and he's a neighbor. Or maybe it's because I know SipPhone Prexy Jason Droege since his days with, but within 24 hours of pointing out that Gizmo Forward wasn't working to call internationally, the problem got fixed.

It had more to do with one of the carriers Level3 is replacing, but nonetheless it got fixed FAST.

Thanks guys, especially Digo who made sure it was fixed, calling me and checking most of the day as they were doing the corrective work. That's service!

Gizmo Project To Get Better

I hear reports that Level3 will become the new underlying supplier to SipPhone's GizmoProject. That's great news as it will improve the quality (which was already better than Skype IMHO) by a ton and really help them with their International termination efforts.

A Party I Hated To Miss

One of the things about travel plans is you have to sometimes miss some things you'd like to be at. Long time PR pal turned author Shel Israel and Robert Scobble had a coming out party at TechCrunch central in Atherton, CA last Thursday. Sadly, I was in Munich working and not hitting the sack until about 3 AM that night.

The party was to celebrate the release of their book, "Naked Conversations" and is all about blogging.

Israel is a real class act and served as my hand picked DEMO Coach to client iotum, who won a DEMO God award last week at DEMO 2006.  Scobble is also one of my favorite bloggers who heaped high praise on my agency's NOKIA Blogger Relations program last week too when he said:

I'm jealous of Nokia's blog program. First they send phones out to
bloggers to try out for a while. Second they have better photo and blog
applications included on the phone.

And if you didn't know, I'm blushing.