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iotum Goes under Om's Microscope and More

Om Malik has been on top of the iotum story almost since the beginning. Om has taken the time to put his market centric analyst like mind to work about one of the markets that iotum will play in, that market being conference calling.

Like Om, others have started to see the relevance that iotum is bringing to an always connected, always on world. Network World, in their DEMO preview (their sister company produces DEMO) has chosen to profile iotum, as has Internet Telephony's Al Bradenberg who weighs in with some added insight too.

Disclaimer--I've had the fortunate pleasure for the last six months to be a part of iotum's debut leading up to today. As both an advisor and agency to the wonderful team at iotum, being in the position of watching and participating in the development and deployment of their Relevance Engine has been exhilarating.

Now today an idea that was hatched by co-founder Alec Saunders in a brainstorming white board session, will see the light of day. For an early stage, pre-venture company like iotum, I feel today's Demo at Demo 2006 is equal in my mind to having a baby.

Co-founders Alec Saunders and Howard Thaw are also a pleasure to work with beyond that, and all around nice guys. Their passionate approach to business and people is refreshing as well. They are classy and professional in a era of schlockmeisters and amateurs. They treat people with respect and bring start-up energy and business savvy together. Working with them, like so many of my agency's clients helps to make the days go by faster and with added enjoyment. They make you want to root for them, not only because you're part of their team, but because they really bring the right qualities to the table everyday. That's why it's so relevant and why they are so deserving.