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Iotum: DemoGod Winner

May I gloat? Well I shall.

Client, friends and timely Web 2.0 platform iotum company captured a DemoGod award and I couldn't be happier.

This was a team effort that is a shining example of planning your work and working your plan. Demo Coach Shel Israel, Messaging Guru Bill Ryan, Account Associate Brooke Davidson and even my fiance Dr. Helene Malabed, plus members of the iotum team back in Ottawa all participated in the march that led Howard Thaw and Alec Saunders to the award ceremony, but while we all played supporting roles, it was Alec and Howard who scored the points.

Alec was brilliant on stage this morning, giving one of the best presentations at DEMO. He hit all the talking points, and avoided all the DEMO faux-pas shortcomings. Howard, always the master of relationships, kept things moving, giving Alec the room to manuever.

The night before the presentationas we were all about to go to bed, I told Alec a slightly modified version of what one of my idols, the late Fred Shero, coach of the 1974 Stanley Cup Winning Philadelphia Flyers had written on the black board the day before the Flyers went on to win their first Cup. "Win tomorrow, and we will walk together forever." Saunders, being the hockey fan that he is, knew he had heard it before so I told him where it came from, and how like yesterday, I had been in the crowd on May 19th, when the Orange and Black captured Lord Stanley.

For iotum, and for me, the victory yesterday tasted just as sweet as the bubbly that ran from Lord Stanley's Cup that spring afternoon.

Congrats my friends....for a job done exceptionally well.!

Jon Arnold has a nice wrap up post of all the comments and more!


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