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Gizmo Over Level3 Rocks

GizmoProject is becoming my softclient of choice this trip and using it over the Orange Wifi network in my hotel the last two days versus the hotel's free in room DSL made a world of difference. That and the newly opened up transport via Level3.

I have had a few conversations the last few hours and last night with Jason Droege of SipPhone, with Brooke in my office back in Del Mar and just now with Dave Burstein of DSL Prime. The quality was outrageously good especially when I called his New York City Verizon land line versus his Vonage line that dropped every few minutes. Clearly the calls were superior to Skype hands down, highlighting what SIP can really do and what SipPhone's team is up to.

I also spoke with my fiance using PhoneGnome via the Eyebeam softclient and experienced an almost as good and free experience as she has a PhoneGnome in the house now and PhoneGnome to PhoneGnome calls are free. This too is SIP and I dial her like I always would from a regular land line.

This stuff is getting good...real good.

Om's Laser on Cable VoIP Ramping

With all deference to SkiBare at VoIPNuke who has been pounding on me for months about how much the ramp of Cable VoIP will be soon, Om has taken his laser like mind and explained how cable VoIP is growing. This is excellent news for Level3 and Sprint, as both supply a ton of network capacity, so too does AT&T, to the MSO's in the USA.

Om correctly points out that this type of growth will throw more challenges in front of Vonage and other standalone VoIP players. What is also clear is that the cable guys have more users of VoIP. Recently I suggested the need for a cable day at key conferences to one of the more respected executives in the conference industry. No one has really taken a look at what cable is doing with VoIP, instead lumping it in to the idea of triple play and soon foreplay.

With this kind of growth it would also seem that the cable MSO's are taking the lessons learned from Level 3's Cynthia Carpenter's Consumer VoIP Study, which remains the gold standard for that type of needed info for all their customers.

Village Voice on Skype Encryption

It's got to only be a matter of time before the hackers, crackers and snoops all go to work on cracking the Skype algorithim, assuming no one has yet done it. Of all places, the Village Voice, New York City's counter cultural journalistic icon issues the challenge.

They point out that because Skype is in Luxembourg that Skype may be immune from USA government intervention and warrent searches. Time will tell if Luxembourg remains really the safe haven for Skype or if their eBay ownership in the USA places them in the FCC and DoJ's crosshairs.

Client Watch-iotum

iotum is also an agency client, and it's rewarding when leading global publications start to take notice about stories we all have watched percolate first in the blogosphere.

Yesterday I found that the Financial Times' Paul Taylor has taken notice of iotum and their Demo performance as has Network World's Dave Kearns who relates their relevance technology for telecom closer to the Identity realm. Om Malik wrote about them in the upcoming March issue of Business 2.0 (not yet online) So too did Fortune Magazine's Adam Lashinsky as he highlighted the benefits of being a DEMO God.

Then there is the BlueBox Podcast hosted by Dan York. Dan usually delves into Security, but this time extended the angle to identity related privacy which is one part of what iotum can bring to the table.

Even Naked Conversations co-author Shel Israel (along with Robert Scoble) gets into the act and basks in the glory (and rightfully so) after going three for three with clients there who won DEMO God awards....(he's actually five for five over the last three Demo's at coaching teams to God status).

Tom Keating, Greg Galitzine and Ken Camp All Blog About Popular Telephony

I tend not to blog first about my agency's clients like Popular Telephony and prefer to draw attention to other bloggers.

Ken Camp has started his reflective look at the new Peerio Biz platform as has Tom Keating. So too did Keating's sidekick, Greg Galitzine, the Editor of Internet Telephony Magazine.

There are a few more bloggers I know who are working on posts. Basiscally Popular Telephony has eliminated the TCO (total cost of ownership) of a PBX by doing away with the server aspect of it, and putting all the technology in the endpoints.