Om's Laser on Cable VoIP Ramping
Did You Know The Vonage CMO Left?

Gizmo Over Level3 Rocks

GizmoProject is becoming my softclient of choice this trip and using it over the Orange Wifi network in my hotel the last two days versus the hotel's free in room DSL made a world of difference. That and the newly opened up transport via Level3.

I have had a few conversations the last few hours and last night with Jason Droege of SipPhone, with Brooke in my office back in Del Mar and just now with Dave Burstein of DSL Prime. The quality was outrageously good especially when I called his New York City Verizon land line versus his Vonage line that dropped every few minutes. Clearly the calls were superior to Skype hands down, highlighting what SIP can really do and what SipPhone's team is up to.

I also spoke with my fiance using PhoneGnome via the Eyebeam softclient and experienced an almost as good and free experience as she has a PhoneGnome in the house now and PhoneGnome to PhoneGnome calls are free. This too is SIP and I dial her like I always would from a regular land line.

This stuff is getting good...real good.