iotum Goes under Om's Microscope and More

DEMO-My People

An offshoot of Momentum Telecom. My People debuted something old at DEMO today. As excited as I'd like to be about their VoIP offering which brings together a lot of easy to use features, for me, I've been using the same type of features with Webley since 1998. For others this is something new, so my early adopter approach aside, what they have is at least worth noting.

The only difference from Webley that I can see is this is VOIP, not PSTN, but I know Webley could have done that too. They also use ring back tones in the calling process. I'm not sure if that means every call is a completed call, but with unlimited calling, who cares.

Price wise they are in the same game as Vonage and CallVantage as well as the other VoIP players. Their package is good, and their web site interface is easy to use and their direct marketing model may be something that creates a buzz.