Steve, Can You Add VoIP Please
Time Warner Ramping With VoIP and 3Play

Verizon Boosting VoiceWing

A Fenway Park Green Monster member reports that Verizon is about to begin a push for VoiceWing.

This screwball pitcher tells me that Delta Three is about to be sent to the showers and BroadSoft is coming in as the possible fireman to begin throwing strikes.

A New York Rangers Penalty Box reader reports that Verizon is doing some tricks with Net2Phone and MCI.

If you recall, I said at the time of announced mergers of AT&T and Verizon with SBC and MCI, that it would be only a matter of time when Delta Three saw those two deals get shut down. Well it seems, Gracie, that I was throwing strikes, and doing Bobby Clarke style wrap around goals, as the these moves are too logical, to have not happened.